Senior Discounts – 2 Apps for your phones

Today I will be reviewing two apps for our phones that will help us save money on the products and services that we purchase. Both are available for iOS or Android phones.

Senior Discounts & Coupons

The first one Senior Discounts & Coupons An app that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This is what the icon looks like on your phone and in the app store. Has a 4.6 Rating.

SDC Logo

It is the most comprehensive guide to business in the United States that offer discounts to seniors. It provides discounts for 50 year olds and older! It tells you the minimum age you have to be to get the discount and how to go about receiving it. This app uses your phones GPS location to help you find local businesses that offer deals for those over 50. When you open the app you will see this:

DC Menu

With the options on the main menu, select All Discounts, This will give you discounts in two catigories,

1 – If you have a AARP membership and

2 – If you do not have an AARP membership.

Clicking on Latest Discounts will give you all the discounts that they have just found receintly and will tell you on each discount whether it requires an AARP membership or not.

If you select By Age it gives you a sub menu with 5 age catigories. 50+, 55+, 60+, 62+ and 65+.

Selecting By Category will put a bar at the top of the screen with 5 different groupings which are:

Entertainment – Food – Services – Shopping – Travel.

The last menu item is Favorite Discounts which will pull up all the Items that you have bookmarked during your searches. So when you go shopping you have a list of items that you want to purchase. To bookmark an item click on the star in upper right corner of the items page.

There are five options at the bottom of the main page:

Discounts – Pharmacy – Club – Latest – More.

was covered above.

If you select the Pharmacy it will give you a Pharmacy Discount Card (shown below). This works at over 35,000 pharmacies nationwide. The main one’s being Walmart, Target, RiteAid and Walgreens.

Pharmacy Card

CLUB is a new feature that they just introduced, it is free but you have to join to be able to use it. This is their description for what it is all about.

“This is a space for you and the rest of the app community to post about discounts you’ve found, share tips about how to find and use discounts, and whatever else you may want to chat about.”

The Latest is self explanatory as it is all the most current Senior Discount offers.

The Last one More you get a sub menu with Profile – Users – Chat.

is where you are allowed to Edit Your Profile, This is also where you would delete your account if you no longer found it useful.

This will allow you to see 3 options: Recent – Nearby – All

Recent Shows who was on and how long ago they were there.

Nearby will tell you who was on and how far away from you they are. You can click on their name and send them a message if desired.

All will show all the members that are on Senior Discounts & Coupons alphabetically. (You may even be able to find a friend and reconnect with them)

You might be surprised to find all the places that offer discounts for seniors over 50.

Senior Discounts Club

The second one, Senior Discounts Club, is an app that works on iPhone, iPad and Android devices. This is what the icon looks like on your phone and in the app store. It has a 3.8 Rating.

SD Logo

It has an easy to use interface as follows:

When you click on the app button on your phone it opens in the MY DEALS page. This page has 3 options at the top: POPULAR which shows the most popular discounts currently offered. The MY DEALS is what the app oppens as default, where you just scroll through the offers to see what is available. The EXCLUSIVE are offers that are unique to the Senior Discounts Club members.

SC Menu

Senior Discounts Club does not specify the ages for the discount and most of them are available to all age groups.

At the bottom of the home page there are 4 options: My Deals shown above, Browse which will bring up a page (shown below) that will allow you to select the discount you are looking for.


The Forum is where you can chat with others about various things such as: Community, Family & Home, Health & Retirement, Lifestyle & Entertainment.

The last one Notifications is where you get notified about the newest discounts and also peoples responses to the Forum.

This completes my review of 2 apps that I felt Seniors would be interested in. I feel the first one Senior Discounts & Coupons to be my personal choice.

If there is anything that you would like me to research and review in future blogs please ask in the comments area below this post.

Thank You for reading my post.

Al Sainsbury

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